New Zealand Sim Family

  1906 wedding of Mary Elizabeth Allen and Herbert Thomas Sim


James and Janet SIM traveled with their family from Forfar in Scotland to Wellington New Zealand, arriving aboard the Barque Olympus in April 1841. They settled in Johnsonville, one of Wellington's northern suburbs. This website documents them, their descendants and the family histories of those people.

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Feature Articles

feature 1 Private Walter Leonard Sim Great-niece Jacquelyn outlines the story of this soldier, killed in action at Gallipoli in World War 1.

feature 2 The Life and Times of George Alfred Mercer A piece written by his daughter about the time of his funeral in 1998.

feature 3 Hazel and the Family Photos Somehow, family photos have a way of finding Hazel Kale.

feature 4 Feature Story 4 Story coming

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